The FLizzardo watch v2

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lol what is so hated about this guy till it gets entries after entries in my blog? kennysia (the malaysian legendary blogger) thinks the same… i emailed kenny to informed him about the flizzardo phenomena that started on LYN forum a while back and this is the reply i got… (its a really big image thus its better to click on the link and look at it)


The Flizzardo update

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yes there is a new update to this lanci guy (old post at… how can u not just hate this guy? quoted from his blog “here is a shoutout to born losers out there, STOP TRYING BECAUSE IT IS INEVITABLE , you are here to lose so that people like me can continue winning, perhaps in the next life.”…

here are 2 motivational pic curtesy of omara86 of the forum: –

headshot to the xbots

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when i saw a screenshot of killzone 2, i just could not admire its beauty… then it struck me that this is the perfect scene for a motivational poster about… i present to u, my creation!!!

the most lanci blog i’ve seen

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omg how lanci can this guy be??? i’m aware of this blog from a LYN kopitiam thread about hw a guy has been spending 7k on clothes… that is acceptable but the way he put it in his blog is omg /puke… the lanci-ness in his choice of words is jz terrible… thus the /k/ army launch at invasyun (kopitiam slang) on his blog spamming his chatbox and some in the comments… u can see all those random names, kopitiam legends, malaysian leaders and worldwide leaders… this is by far one of the hottest blog today due to the invasyun bringing in the bandwith… dun believe me? read the blog and its puke-guranteed…

a gift from a kopitiamer (forgot who d): –

Killzone 2 Intro spoilers

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if there is any game one should note for 2009, its killzone 2… since E3 2005, its one of the most anticipated FPS (first person shooter) for its graphics and physics… based on CES 2009 footages, ┬áit lives up to his hype, surpassing the 2005 prerendered footages while offering great gameplay with an equally awesome AI… here is the spoiler of the intro, that in my point of view one of the best intro ever made… do note the 2nd half of the intro is in game rendered (wut u would be playing) and NOT pre-rendered…

this is IGN’s impression of killzone 2… exclusive on the ps3, its the killer title for the console and sony’s ultimate answer to halo…

Abingdon Boys School

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Abingdon Boys School (aka ABS) is one of my fav jpop/ jrock bands out there… here’s why: –

there have tonnes of great songs as well and their live performance is superb!

Slowpoke sonic!!!

•January 14, 2009 • 3 Comments

slowpoke (a pokemon) itself has become one of the biggest icon for online forums… its rare not to see slowpoke when someone create a repost thread or is jz slow… slowpoke itself has evolved to the form of slownic (slowpoke + sonic)…


ps: i got this from a thread in lowyat forums…