the most lanci blog i’ve seen

omg how lanci can this guy be??? i’m aware of this blog from a LYN kopitiam thread about hw a guy has been spending 7k on clothes… that is acceptable but the way he put it in his blog is omg /puke… the lanci-ness in his choice of words is jz terrible… thus the /k/ army launch at invasyun (kopitiam slang) on his blog spamming his chatbox and some in the comments… u can see all those random names, kopitiam legends, malaysian leaders and worldwide leaders… this is by far one of the hottest blog today due to the invasyun bringing in the bandwith… dun believe me? read the blog and its puke-guranteed…

a gift from a kopitiamer (forgot who d): –


~ by evofantasy on January 22, 2009.

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